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Case Study - Road/Sea Freight Heavy-duty Construction Components From Germany To China

Realogistics received an inquiry from an important client regarding the importation of heavy-duty construction components from Germany to Tianjin, China. Upon receiving the client's inquiry, our company immediately began searching for a transportation solution.

Cargo Information:

Total: 16 pallets, weighing 31,188.6 kg


Glass curtain wall embedment parts

Transportation Mode and Route:

Road transport: Truck pickup from the German factory to Hamburg Rail Port

Rail transport: Hamburg Port to Xi'an Port

Road transport: Truck delivery from Xi'an Port to Tianjin warehouse

Operational Process:

Each pallet has dimensions of 610 x 50 x 40 cm. Although the volume is small, the overall weight exceeds the maximum weight limit of a 40-foot container. Therefore, the cargo was divided into two 40-foot containers for transportation: 8 pallets, 17,320 kg + 8 pallets, 13,868.6 kg. This solution and pricing were approved after consultation with the client.

Due to the consignee's request for prompt delivery to Tianjin, Realogistics urgently contacted the trucking company through our German agent to negotiate the pickup time with the shipper and ensure speedy pickup and direct delivery to the Hamburg port for container loading. Prior to the cargo's arrival at Xi'an Port, the trucking company was notified in advance to prepare forklifts for unloading and loading.

Note: Due to the overweight nature of the cargo, the shipping line required the implementation of safety measures to prevent cargo shifting and damaging the containers. The German agent prefabricated anti-collision wooden boards and securely positioned the cargo before containerization.

The cargo finally arrived safely and on time at the client's warehouse in Tianjin, receiving unanimous praise from the client.

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