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  • Tony Wu

An outstanding Freight Forwarder & NVOCC in Hong Kong since 2011

Realogistics offers international freight forwarding services to importers and exporters globally via Hong Kong.

With an extensive network of partners and agencies worldwide, we are able to negotiate the best possible price to move client's goods along the most cost-efficient route, be it air freight, sea freight or transportation.

Main Services

  1. - 11 years of experience providing freight forwarding/sea & air freight services;

  2. - Warehousing & distribution

  3. - Exhibition and show freight;

  4. - Local & international door-to-door

  5. - Customs clearance and documentation

  6. - Cross-border land transport

Being a reliable and competent freight forwarder, we work closely with our clients and cater to their tailored requirements, ensuring that they stay connected to every shipment. Ultimately, our main goal is to provide outstanding professional service that exceed our customers’ expectation.

Realogistics International Group Co., Ltd in Hong Kong

Tel:(852) 2428 4228

Fax:(852) 2428 4338


Shield Industrial Center No. 84-92 Chai Wan Kok Street,

Tsuen Wan, HONG KONG

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