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Realogistics facilitated oversized cargo shipping for a client.

Realogistics received instructions from an important client to handle the freight forwarding of an over-sized cargo shipment, including factory pickup, warehouse packing, and ocean transportation.

Due to the dimensions of the cargo, measuring 610cm long x 250cm wide x 310cm high, it required a 1X40FL container for transportation.

Key Facts:

Product Name: #Engine

Dimensions: 1 package/6500KGS/610cm long x 250cm wide x 310cm high

Number of Containers Needed: 1*40FL

Pickup Location: #Southampton, UK

Destination: Xingang, #Tianjin, China

Vessel Name/Voyage: CMA CGM COLUMBA 0LBD1W1MA


1. Quotation Stage: Realogistics and local partners studied similar cargo cases, made reasonable estimates of dimensions and pricing, and provided transport plans.

During the initial quotation, the cargo dimensions were not detailed. Due to the urgent nature of the quotation, the client provided updated dimensions, revealing a significant height issue. It required finding special low-bed vehicles for road transport, leading to multiple revisions and careful consideration of updated transport plans.

2. Container Availability Issue: Due to the cargo being shipped around the holiday period, which is time when all shipping companies faced container shortages, the local agent utilized all available resources to coordinate with container owners. They also managed to overcome the challenges caused by changes in the pickup address, resulting in changes to the port of departure and the storage of empty containers. With the determination and attitude of not being afraid to start over from scratch, Realogistics ultimately resolved the problem of container scarcity.

3. Pickup Issue: During a period of insufficient truck capacity, the factory requested a change in the pickup address and the need for special low-bed truck transport. They also requested temporary advances for storage fees. Realogistics developed a solution through extensive communication and collaboration with the agent, taking into account the special road conditions and driver capacity during the UK holiday period. This ensured the smooth completion of the cargo pickup task within the specified time frame.

4. Packing Issue: Since the cargo had already been scheduled for packing (the original shipping company could not provide a vessel that met the client's arrival time requirements), the client requested that Realogistics guarantee the safety of the cargo while transferring it to a new container and conducting proper reinforcement work. During this period, Realogistics and the local agent closely communicated and professionally carried out the packing and reinforcement operations to meet the client's requirements for cargo safety.

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