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Realogistics transported a large & heavy machinery by air freight.

When we talk about heavy #equipment and oversized cargo, it is good to always consider #seafreight instead of #airfreight. Unless the transit time is a very pressing and sensitive issue, the cost of shipping such cargo by sea will be a lot less than #airfreight.

In this year, we got a project-based inquiry from a client for air transportation of their large equipment. we understood that the goods are tunnel-type full-process nitrogen wave soldering and were originally shipped overseas by sea. The buyer is in the United States. Due to production needs, he is eager to transport it to the destination port as quickly as possible by air freight.


- Limited budget & More efficient shipping expected

According to the additional agreement between the seller and the buyer, this shipment air freight has must be arrived at Chicago airport within 48 hours of departure (port-to-port air cargo service).

There are 4 pieces of goods in this order, of which the size of one piece of goods is 6.67 meters (length) * 2.27 meters (width) * 2.31 meters (height), and the weight of a single piece is 3.88 tons, which is certainly oversized and overweight. Therefore, it is difficult to use during loading and unloading, flight transportation, and airlines. There is some difficulty in choosing. First, after the goods arrive at the airport, they need to be unloaded by a crane. Secondly, in air freight, the height limit of passenger aircraft is 1.6 meters. For this cargo, cargo aircraft must be selected, and the longest board of the airline is 6.06 meters. Loading high-board probes becomes more difficult, and few airlines that can accept such operations.


- Sync the operation process & Ensure the cargo delivery safety

In addition to strict timeliness requirements, the buyer also concerned to terms of operation. On the basis of regular services such as real-time notification of cargo status and accurate feedback of cargo data, in order to ensure the safety of the cargo and the smooth completion of the cargo transportation according to the established plan, the client requires us to be responsible for every operation link such as receiving, laying out boards, and installing machines. Photos or videos of operations from multiple angles are required.


We started the communication with the consignor, operating agent, and airline company through emails, phone calls, etc. to confirm the delivery time, document verification, and customs declaration operation schedule (accurate to the hour). After clarifying the above arrangements, the 48-hour air transportation plan was finally determined, starting from Hong Kong and transiting through #Incheon to #Chicago.

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