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Realogistics provided air carge for Fortune 500 companies

Realogistics was honored to have received a project from a Fortune Global 500 company.

The project involved shipping goods from Chengdu and Nanchang to the destination port of Brussels, Belgium. Each individual item weighed over 5 tons, with a total shipment volume exceeding 200 tons.

This project presented a series of challenges, including a tight shipping schedule, intensive shipping times, overweight individual items, and an increased shipping volume. The client had strict requirements for the arrival time at the destination port, necessitating our provision of efficient logistics services to meet their needs.

After the communication of detailed processes with airlines, we formulated the optimal air freight plan, involving direct flights and partial transfers. Goods were dispatched from airports in Chengdu, Nanchang, and other locations, with transit through hubs. To address the specific challenges of overweight items, we had to perform a significant number of operations in a short period, including complying with airport ground requirements for a 24-hour hold, customs control inspections, and the installation of pallets for weight balance.

The Realogistics team acted swiftly, and our experienced professional customs clearance team accurately completed the document review process. After completing all necessary operations and freight declarations, the goods smoothly passed through customs clearance procedures, catching the scheduled flight on time.

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