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Realogistics shipped construction steel to Toronto, Canada

Updated: Jan 22

Realogistics received a client's commission to ship a batch of construction steel materials to Toronto, Canada, involving pre-port tallying, container reinforcement, customs clearance, door-to-door delivery, and unloading services.

Goods Information:

Construction steel materials include galvanized steel pipes, threaded steel, cold-rolled plates, round tubes, coil bars, and more.

Transportation Method and Route:

Maritime Shipping

Factory Delivery - Warehouse Packing and Reinforcement - Tianjin New Port - Toronto, Canada - Full Container Door-to-Door Delivery - Unloading at Designated Location.

Operational Process and Key Challenges:

1. All goods are steel products with varying dimensions, and the maximum length is 6 meters.

2. Upon arrival at the warehouse, the goods were in a naked state, with some items having significant individual weights, presenting challenges in packing.

3. After smooth loading onto the ship, Realogistics promptly informed the overseas agent about the shipping status, tracked updates on arrival times, and coordinated subsequent customs clearance and door-to-door delivery via rail transport at the transshipment port.

4. Considering an impending snowstorm upon arrival, Realogistics anticipated potential delays in delivery and arranged for post-arrival customs clearance and pickup promptly.

5. During unloading, a last-minute request to remove thick and difficult-to-detach iron rings from the steel pipes posed a challenge. Realogistics, lacking tools, explored various solutions, ultimately borrowing a saw to address the issue.

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