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Case Study: Over-sized Air Cargo From PVG to YUL, Canada

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Realogistics successfully completed an air freight-to-door service for a Canadian client, delivering an oversized cargo to a specific location in Canada.

The project involved the transportation of a cargo that was originally intended for sea freight but required expedited delivery. Here are the details of the shipment:

Cargo Information:

- Product: Transformer

- 1 piece, weighing 4960 KG, with dimensions of 2.98m x 1.94m x 2.21m, occupying 12.77 cubic meters.

Transportation Plan:

The cargo was transported from Shanghai, China (PVG) to a destination in Canada (YUL) via air freight. Upon arrival at the destination port, it was further transported to the final delivery location by truck.

Key Challenges:

1. The cargo presented difficulties due to its oversized dimensions and weight, requiring the use of a cargo aircraft. Only the 747 aircraft model was capable of accommodating the cargo.

2. The individual piece weighed approximately 5 tons, necessitating prior arrangements for large-scale forklifts and separate weighing for both the inbound and outbound processes.

3. The cargo contained nearly one ton of oil, which, despite being identified as a general chemical product through chemical analysis, required an on-site identification process as the initial classification did not meet the delivery requirements.

Upon receiving the client's commission, Realogistics leveraged its strong relationship with the airline and expertise in handling large-scale cargo transportation operations. They swiftly devised a solution, secured cargo space with the airline, and confirmed the flight details.

As a result, the cargo arrived safely and on schedule at the destination port, meeting the client's requirements and earning their recognition.

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