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Case Study: Truck Transportation (Over 2000km) Boeing 737 Aircraft Core Parts

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Realogistics received a commission from an important client to complete domestic land transportation services for a Boeing 737 aircraft.

Cargo Information:

Boeing 737 Fuselage: 2740*380*400CM

Boeing 737 Wings: 1520*350*225CM

Boeing 737 Engines: 380*180*225CM

Transportation Route

Dongguan City – Jinan City

Operational Challenges:

1. The cargo is oversized, especially in height, reaching almost the road height limit of 5 meters, including the trailer height.

2. The distance from Dongguan City to Jinan City is nearly 2000 kilometers, requiring high standards for loading, bundling, and reinforcement of the cargo on the vehicles.

3. Application for an "Oversize Transportation Permit" is necessary.

4. Special escort vehicles need to be arranged to provide guidance, safety, and maintenance during transportation.

Operational Procedures:

1. Actively coordinate with the shipowner to confirm the exact berthing time of the cargo ship.

2. Assist the shipowner and the port in unloading.

3. Assist the customer with customs clearance and promptly resolve any issues that may arise during the customs clearance process, especially inspection-related matters.

4. Due to customs inspection and unsealing, Realogistics customizes materials and performs secondary packaging for the customer.

5. Customized and welded transport racks for stacking the wings, saving transportation costs for the customer.

The cargo ultimately reached the designated location safely as scheduled and received praise from the customer.

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