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Exhibition Shipping - HKG to THLCH

Realogistics successfully secured a bid f Lrom the Hong Kong Productivity Council to provide logistics services for the transportation of small household appliance product samples to exhibition venues in Hong Kong and Thailand.

Exhibition Name:

Think Business, Think Hong Kong - "Achieving Opportunities, Preferring Hong Kong"

Shipping Route:



Coffee machines, ovens, electric steamers, food blenders, steam irons, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and more.

Mode of Transportation:

Sea Freight

Operational Challenges:

Due to budget constraints imposed by the organization, using the ATA Carnet method for arranging import and shipping in Thailand would exceed the budget. Furthermore, half of the small household appliances required import permits issued by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute, Ministry of Industry.

After negotiations with a local agent in Thailand, it was decided to exclude the products that required permits, while cooperating with the agent to reduce local operational costs. This strategic move successfully squeezed operating costs within the limited budget, allowing for the completion of the exhibition transportation.

Operational Process:

The Thai agent's customs clearance agent carefully reviewed the list of goods intended for the exhibition, removing the products requiring import permits to facilitate customer packaging and creating a customs clearance invoice based on the customs agent's recommendations.

Goods were packaged, and the following day arrangements were made for pickup and palletization. Simultaneously, Realogistics' Hong Kong exhibition transport specialist assisted the customer in organizing the customs clearance information and photos of the goods for timely customs clearance upon arrival.

Goods were arranged for entry into the exhibition venue. Dismantled the exhibition in the evening, returned the goods to the warehouse, relabeled and scheduled the next shipment.The goods were successfully returned to Hong Kong and arrangements were made for their delivery to the customer.

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