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Realogistics air-exported customers’security check machines

Realogistics completed the air export transportation service of ultra-high cargo security scanners for an important client.

[Commission Content]

Realogistics received a tender notice for the export of goods from the client and actively responded to their needs, successfully obtaining the export booking, and exporting two ultra-high security scanners to New Delhi, India.

[Cargo Information]

Security scanners, 2 units, 2752kg, 16.56cbm, dimensions: 255*120*175CM, 270*190*235CM

[Transportation Route]

Pickup from Jiangsu to Shanghai, PVG-DEL

[Operational Challenges]

1. The cargo is oversized, requiring a solution involving transfer flights.

2. Strict time requirements necessitate 2 working days for customs document review, 24-hour storage for the cargo, and strict cabin space demands.

3. ATA goods require unpacking for serial number verification, with large packaging requiring specialized tools.


1. Choosing the Shanghai CX flight to ensure stable cabin space.

2. Urgently amending the weight of the client's ATA certificate, submitting documents for review, and shipping after approval.

3. Due to the large and delicate packaging, partially opening it for serial number verification before restoring the original packaging. After storage, the cargo was successfully delivered.

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