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Realogistics air-freighted waxberries from SZ to CA

Realogistics received a commission from an important client to provide air freight forwarding services for the transportation of fresh Waxberries from Shenzhen, China to Vancouver, Canada.

Cargo Information:

21 CTNS/536KGS/2.722CBM


Fresh Waxberries

Transportation Route:



1. The cargo is perishable fruit requiring temperature control between 2-8 degrees Celsius. It needs to be stored in a cold storage facility and requires a high level of efficiency, necessitating a direct flight.

2. The cargo contains ice bottles but lacks a transportation compliance report.

3. The client used foam boxes for packaging, making it susceptible to damage during palletization.

Operating Procedure:

1. Realogistics confirms the cabin space, verifies the status of the ice bottles, and reminds the shipper to prepare customs clearance documents in advance.

2. Realogistics arranges for booking, reserves the cold storage position, organizes the entire cold chain transportation by refrigerated trucks, and ensures prompt declaration and entry of goods.

3. After entry, Realogistics communicates with the pallet company, requesting careful handling of the foam boxes and providing pallet photos. Continuously monitor flight information to ensure the safe arrival of goods at the port and gain customer recognition.

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