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Realogistics completed the project cargo air freight forwarding for a customer

Realogistics received a commission from an important customer, requesting Realogistics to complete the air freight forwarding service of AC capacitor banks for shipment to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I.The cargo information

Goods: AC capacitor bank

Quantity: 720plts/100 tons/400cbm

Destination: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

II. Operational difficulties

1. The goods are called AC capacitor banks, and transportation identification is required.

2. At present, the air freight space is tight and the cargo volume is large, and the delivery cycle is short. The epidemic in Vietnam is serious, and flights have been cancelled significantly.

3. The exit port must be Shanghai Pudong Airport, the goods are not allowed to be stacked, and they are not allowed to arrive at the port in batches.

III. Solution

1. After receiving the customer's entrustment, Realogistics will book the shipping space in advance according to the cargo data provided by the customer, the shipping frequency and the transportation appraisal report. The total cargo is 720plts/100 tons/400cbm, and the shipping frequency is 60plts/8 tons/33cbm per week. The time from pick-up to delivery of each batch can not exceed 5 days.

2. According to the requirements of customers, Realogistics coordinates the entry time with the warehouse in advance and leaves enough operating space. According to the factory shipment time, flexibly select the airline and lock the cabin in advance.

3. During the operation, Realogistics arranges the staff to do the transportation appraisal in advance, and informs the goods in advance that they can not be stacked, tracks the whole process, and feeds back in time, and finally ensures that each batch of goods can be shipped smoothly on time.

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