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Realogistics completed the transportation of African materials for an important customer

Realogistics received a commission from an important domestic customer, requesting Realogistics to provide transportation for the second phase of the technical assistance project of the fixed biosafety laboratory in Sierra Leone, Africa. The materials required for this project must be timely, guaranteed quality, traffic guaranteed, organized for procurement, and shipped in a timely manner after passing the inspection by the corresponding quarantine agency.

Task Difficulties:

1. There is no one-stop booking transportation plan from China Mainland/Hong Kong to Sierra Leone Airport

2. The customs declaration trade method is "aid materials", and you need to apply for a business flow batch number

3. Time is urgent and faces cancellation of unscheduled charter flights at any time

Cargo information:


Transport options and routes:

Transit: Beijing - Brussels - Sierra Leone

Cargo information:

1 box,332 kg,1.44 cubic meters


1. Since there is no one-to-one booking transportation plan from China/Hong Kong to Sierra Leone Airport, we considered transit transportation plans from Singapore, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Frankfurt, Germany and other countries, and finally locked in transit from Brussels, Belgium.

2. Arrange the booking work of the first journey and the onward journey, while ensuring that there is transit operation time for foreign countries, shorten the connection time of the first endurance class to the greatest extent, and improve the overall transportation efficiency.

3. All aspects of the country (including the on-site inspection of Mr. Pony, the on-site DGM identification, the security check and warehousing, the customs declaration, etc.) are arranged for special personnel to control the operation, because once the first flight is missed, it is equivalent to being unable to catch up with the booked onward flight. At the same time, the onward flight is an unscheduled flight and may be cancelled at any time.

4. The goods were gradually and smoothly delivered to the transit port Brussels

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