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Realogistics Exported Frozen Fish From SZX to SIN

Realogistics received an important commission from a key client to transport carbon brushes and magnets to Turkey.

Upon receiving the commission, Realogistics immediately took action. First, they coordinated with the client's factory to confirm the preparation time of the goods to arrange an appropriate shipping schedule. Concurrently, they worked with the suppliers to complete the customs documentation and review the necessary paperwork.

1. Cargo Information:

 - Magnets and Carbon Brushes: 29 boxes, total weight 6234.48 kg, total volume 3.38 cubic meters

 - Shipping Route: Shanghai to Ambarli

2. Operational Challenges:

 The client is a trading company with dispersed suppliers, and the client is not well-informed about the properties of the goods. It is essential to ensure the safe and swift shipment of the goods within the stipulated time.

3. Solution:

 ① Upon receiving the commission, Realogistics based on the cargo data and transportation requirements, first centralized the goods at the Realogistics warehouse. Once the goods were in the warehouse, they were counted, sorted, labeled, and photographed for records.

 ② Realogistics selected an appropriate shipping company based on the cargo information and coordinated with the suppliers to organize the customs documentation. They also confirmed the bill of lading details with the overseas client to ensure smooth customs clearance at the destination port. Ultimately, the goods were successfully shipped.

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