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Realogistics handled AOG aviation equipment air export

Realogistics received a commission from an important client to provide freight forwarding services for the urgent export of aviation equipment labeled as AOG via air transport.

Cargo Information:

1 box / 1 kg / 0.02 cubic meters / 32*32*27 cm

Commodity Name:

Aviation Roller

Transport Route:


Operational Challenges:

(1) Urgent transport of AOG aviation materials with tight timelines and a heavy workload.

(2) Approaching closing hours, requiring the urgent reservation of air cargo space and scheduling staff on duty.

Operational Process:

After receiving the factory address from the client, Realogistics promptly initiated communication and urgently arranged for vehicles to pick up the goods from the warehouse. Simultaneously, the client urgently needed to secure a specific flight date. To meet this requirement, the logistics team collaborated seamlessly, swiftly ensuring the reservation of cargo space and confirming necessary documents. The pickup vehicles underwent urgent procedures at the airport cargo station, and the entire process took approximately three hours, successfully completing the transportation formalities for the AOG (Aircraft on Ground) cargo.

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