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Realogistics Handles An Urgent Air Freight From Shenzhen To Bangkok, Thailand

In July 2023, Realogistics (Shenzhen) International Logistics successfully arranged for a client to transport a batch of high-end mobile phone models to Bangkok, Thailand by Air.


Port of Loading: Shenzhen, China

Port of Destination: Thailand

Method: Air Cargo

Weight: 480 KG

Dimensions: 120 * 100 * 112 (Whole Palet / 44 CTNS)

This order transports a total of 2200 mobile phone models to Thailand, and arrange the solid wood whole pallet goods (44 boxes in total)/120 * 100 * 112/ 480kg.

Due to the urgent need, the client requested the shipping arrival must be within 9 days, while the normal time limit is 14 days. Once we accepted this order, Realogistics (Shenzhen) team immediately arranged to pick up the goods, confirmed the flight status with our airline partner, and prepared the departure from Shenzhen to BKK (Thailand) direct flight within 2 working days.

Transportation Route

SZX (Shenzhen) to BKK (Bangkok).


1) Urgent delivery required for the delicate phone models.

2) This shipment is under DDP terms, requiring Realogistics trade agents.

3) Need to verify if there are any specific regulations or special documents required for the cargo based on the HS Code in Thailand.

Solution by Realogistics

1) Find a suitable Realogistics trade agent who can provide IOR (Importer of Record) services.

2) Confirm that there are no special regulations on the cargo.

3) Book the earliest direct flight to Bangkok (BKK).


The shipment arrived at BKK on July 6. Our local agent partner promptly followed up with customs clearance and delivery to the consignee's location to avoid any storage charges. They successfully completed customs clearance and delivered the cargo to the consignee's door on the same day. From receiving the request to the delivery at the door, the entire process took 4 days, which was 5 days earlier than the customer's expected delivery time.

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