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Realogistics has provided air freight forwarding services for the export of chemical products such as sulfuric acid for an important client

Realogistics received a commission from an important foreign client to provide export freight forwarding services for chemical products such as sulfuric acid to Italy.

1、Goods Information

2 pallets, 312KG, 1.65M3

Product name: Sulfuric acid black rice extract

2、Transportation mode and route

From Beijing, China to Milan, Italy

3、Operational requirements

① Due to the various addresses of the shipping factories, the goods need to be picked up separately and consolidated at Beijing for unified delivery.

②The packaging of the goods from the factory is not suitable for air transportation.

4、Operational process

①Upon receiving the client's commission, Realogistics confirms the delivery time and address with each factory, integrates the information, and provides feedback to the customer.

②Upon receiving confirmation from the client, Realogistics arranges for vehicles to pick up the goods from the factories, transport them to Realogistics' warehouse in Beijing, and arrange for repackaging. Once all goods are assembled, they are centrally delivered.

③Realogistics consolidates the goods for delivery, completes the customs declaration upon arrival at the warehouse, and ensures smooth clearance.

④Finally, the goods are successfully shipped and arrive at Milan Airport.

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Realogistics International Group Co., Ltd. Established in 2012 in Hong Kong.

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