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Realogistics has successfully completed the transportation of a special container project by sea for an important client

Realogistics received an important commission from a key client to complete the transportation of special cargo by sea.

Transportation Challenges:

Transporting large and irregular special mechanical equipment such as stamping machines.

Transportation Route:

Land transport from Wuqing District, Tianjin to Tianjin New Port, followed by sea transport to Ho Chi Minh Port.

Realogistics Solution:

1、Due to the enormous and irregular shape of the cargo, Realogistics arranged a special team to conduct two on-site inspections before picking up the goods to determine the delivery and loading plans for each piece of large equipment.

2、In the early stage of post-pandemic resumption, shipping lines had limited capacity and vessel availability for special containers. Realogistics actively sought solutions and frequently communicated with the shipping lines, ultimately securing the necessary space.

3、Realogistics assigned personnel to accompany the convoy to the factory for coordination, advising the drivers on the angles of the factory gate and terminal ramps.

4、As it was the rainy season, Realogistics arranged for a large amount of tarpaulin to ensure the equipment was not exposed to rain.

5、Due to thorough preparation, subsequent operations were very smooth, and the cargo arrived at the destination port on schedule.

Through these measures, Realogistics successfully completed the sea transport of special cargo for this project.

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