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Realogistics has successfully handled the temperature-controlled airfreight export logistics for a foreign client

Realogistics received a commission from an important client to complete an air freight service for a batch of temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals to Vienna Airport in Austria.

I. Cargo Information

- Type of Goods: Temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals

- Quantity: 17 pallets

- Weight: 1716 kilograms

- Volume: 15.0 cubic meters

- Destination: Vienna Airport, Austria

II. Operational Challenges

1. The entire process of pharmaceutical transportation requires the temperature to be maintained between 15°C and 25°C. At the time, it was late summer, and daytime temperatures exceeded 25°C.

2. Currently, air freight capacity is tight and the cargo volume is large.

III. Solution

1. Upon receiving the commission from the client, Realogistics booked cargo space in advance based on the cargo data provided by the client, as well as transportation requirements and assessment reports.

2. Realogistics pre-booked the first leg of the flight for the client and arranged for truck delivery to the port on the same evening. To minimize transit time, Realogistics arranged for pickup on the evening of September 7th, customs clearance and delivery on September 8th, and the cargo successfully arrived at the port on September 11th. While saving costs for the client, Realogistics made every effort to meet the client's time requirements.

3. Leveraging its rich expertise and operational experience, Realogistics arranged for temperature-controlled truck pickup and air transportation throughout the journey to the port, finding the best solution for the client. Realogistics won unanimous recognition from the client and agents for its professional and efficient service.

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