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Realogistics transports electronic products from PKX to TAS

Realogistics received an urgent request from Huawei Uzbekistan to transport a batch of electronic gifts to Tashkent Airport. We booked a direct flight with our own carrier, Southern Airlines, from Beijing Daxing International Airport to Tashkent Airport.

Cargo Details:

- Electronic gifts, total of 5 boxes, weighing 400kg, with a volume of 2.65 cubic meters.

Transportation Requirements:

- Must catch the direct flight from Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Challenges Faced during Transportation:

1. The cargo contains batteries, and the client is unfamiliar with air freight procedures.

- Realogistics guided the client step by step to provide all necessary certification documents and successfully completed the battery certification (1 copy) and magnetic testing (4 copies).

2. The cargo arrived at the warehouse in Shunyi Airport relatively late, requiring repackaging.

- Realogistics arranged in advance for the warehouse to prepare wooden crates according to the dimensions provided by the factory, facilitating the inspection of the battery-containing cargo.

3. Upon arrival, immediate arrangements were made for packing, followed by transportation to Beijing Daxing International Airport for the completion of delivery procedures.

4. Smooth customs clearance and arrangement for customs release were ensured.

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Realogistics International Group Co., Ltd. Established in 2012 in Hong Kong.

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