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Realogistics shipped coffee cups to the Netherlands with MTC

Since October 1, 2023, the EU customs has implemented new regulations requiring importing countries to provide a Mill Test Certificate (MTC) for metal products (mainly steel products) with HS codes 7323 to 7326 to prove that the materials are not of Russian origin. This is a measure in response to the tensions between Russia and the EU.

MTC, also known as EN 10204 certification or pressure material certification, is a proof of traceability of metals and steel sources.

Under this new regulation, Realogistics received a customer commission to airship a batch of coffee cups to the Netherlands, encountering customs inspection requiring MTC. The customer purchased these goods from a factory in Shenzhen, with stainless steel materials sourced from Fujian.

To meet the customs requirements, Realogistics immediately advised the customer to request quality assurance certificates (factory inspection records) from both the Shenzhen and Fujian factories, and to obtain a proof of relationship between the two factories from the Shenzhen factory, known as the MTC Alternative Declaration.

Based on Realogistics' advice, the customer submitted two documents: supplementary materials for relationship proof and factory quality assurance certificates for steel materials. These documents helped the customer smoothly pass customs inspection, avoiding potential traceability investigations, as well as clearance delays and warehouse detentions.

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