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Realogistics Helps Client with Oversized Bulk Ship Shipment

Realogistics undertakes a maritime project to transport compressor skids and boiler supporting facilities from Qingdao Port, China to Shuaiba Port, Kuwait. The cargo consists of 276 pieces, weighing 1967 tons, and occupying 16830 cubic meters, involving seven suppliers.

Challenges and Solutions of the Project:

1. Inaccurate Cargo List

Due to the peak period of project material shipments, issues with factory inspection of goods, and appointment of port vehicles, it was impossible to provide an accurate cargo list in advance. This increased the difficulty of ship stowage and customs data transmission. Realogistics addressed this by closely monitoring shipment dynamics in real-time and adopting a phased customs declaration mode, ensuring timely export declarations and clearances.

2. Urgent Increase in Cargo Volume

The manufacturer confirmed an increase in cargo volume one day before the vessel's arrival, leading to a 58% increase in the required floor space. Unable to find an alternative vessel, Realogistics decided to construct scaffolding within the ship’s hold to ensure that the cargo was loaded in one batch as per the loading requirements, thereby controlling costs.

3. Onboard Scaffolding Solution

Qingdao Port Authority and the shipowner raised concerns about the safety of the scaffolding plan. After multiple meetings and the provision of load certification documents, approval was eventually obtained.

4. Direct Transfer of Boilers by Barge

The incineration boiler and reactor needed to be transported to the port by barge. To reduce hoisting risks and costs, Realogistics applied for and obtained special approval for direct transfer from ship to ship, greatly enhancing operational safety and efficiency.

This is the first time that Qingdao Port executed an onboard scaffolding operation, providing valuable experience for subsequent port operations. This shipment attracted widespread attention, boosting corporate publicity and confidence in the foreign trade industry.

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