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Realogistics provided air freight services for client's unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Realogistics received an important task: to air transport 19 boxes totaling 188 kilograms of drones to New York, USA.

This task faced two main challenges: firstly, the drones had various battery models, requiring corresponding documentation, and secondly, the high value of the goods required extra care to prevent loss.

To address these issues, Realogistics took the following measures:

1. Confirmed with the airline based on the battery models provided by the customer and transportation identification reports to ensure carrier capability, and requested the customer to send samples consistent with the report for airport security checks in advance.

2. Prior to shipment, negotiated with the customer to apply adhesive tape and labels to each box to ensure the goods' integrity. During pickup, an empty vehicle entered the premises, and the driver confirmed the packaging and sealing of the goods, completing the handover. Upon arrival at the warehouse near the airport, each box was weighed individually, and the integrity of the sealing tape was checked, followed by wrapping with black film. If unpacking for inspection was necessary, photographs or videos were taken on-site, and the unpacking status was marked and archived after inspection.

3. Purchased insurance before the flight departure to ensure the safety of the goods.

4. After the goods were flown out, confirmed transit and arrival status with the airline, and promptly notified overseas for customs clearance and pickup arrangements.

Through these measures, Realogistics ensured the safe and reliable delivery of the goods to their destination.

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Realogistics International Group Co., Ltd. Established in 2012 in Hong Kong.

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