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Realogistics shipped used solar panels Toronto, CA to Jebel Ali, UAE

Updated: Feb 1

Realogistics assisted a client in containerizing and transporting used solar panels from the pickup point to Toronto, CA, and subsequently shipping them to Jebel Ali, UAE via sea freight.


Transportation Mode and Route:

Transportation Mode:Sea Freight

Pickup Point: 1052 Black Rd, Prince Edward County, Canada - Ontario Content

Pickup Port: Toronto, CA

Destination Port: Jebel Ali, UAE


Basic Cargo Information:

Commodity: Used Solar Panels

Total: 6*40’HC, 5143PCS, 118289KGS.



1. Hot weather and a large workload necessitate operations only during the open hours of the site, with limited time.

2. Used solar panels are scattered across six different locations on the site, each with a certain distance.

3. Loading directly in an open-air yard without any assistance from loading/unloading tools.

4. The yard is distant from the port, requiring prompt return of containers to the port after unloading.


Transportation Process:

► Cargo Preparation

Due to the large quantity, it is necessary to pre-arrange with a forklift company and ensure proper packaging compliant with transportation standards.

► Transportation Negotiation

Contact logistics companies or transportation service providers to arrange for the pickup, negotiating detailed cargo information, weight, volume, and destination.

► Document Customs Clearance

Prepare necessary documents such as transportation contracts, invoices, customs clearance documents, ensuring all documents are complete and comply with relevant regulations.

► Transportation Mode Selection

The cargo will be transported by rail to its destination. Tracking the status and progress of the cargo during transportation is crucial.

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